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Born to Please - G.A. Hauser This book was a surprise to me I thought that I would give it a star rating, but would not have much to say. I had read another GA Hauser book this week and thought it would the same hot guys having steamy sex theme, and there were hot guys and there was steamy sex, but the story was different.

Ashton is a recovering heroin addict, who has been clean for two years and works as a janitor for a law firm in LA. Colt is a lawyer at the same law firm, he is gay, but in the closet and also moonlights as a Dom at a pretty intense club in the city. He is tired of the Dom thing, he is not into it anymore he also hates his boss at the firm.

Colt sees Ashton one night at work an recognizes him as a natural Sub...they have a few encounters which get them both hooked. Colt wants to dominate Ashton...but Ashton is confused and scared...he's not gay and the anxiety is increasing his cravings.

This romance was a bit too fast and easy these guys have TONS of issues, Colt can't be in a relationship and Ashton is totally on a day to day with his addiction. So falling in love and things working out seems unlikely. But I appreciated the fact that she approached something as stigmatized as heroin addiction and did it openly in a way that shows that all addicts are not weak junkies, and it takes a hell of a lot of strength to get clean and stay clean. So I liked this book much better than I thought I would.