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More - Sloan Parker Round up to 3.5 stars.

This is the story of Luke, Matthew and Richard. Three men that meet at a sex club get together have a threesome that rocks all of their worlds and from there they slowly begin to build a relationship that changes all their lives.

These men have LOTS of baggage and they bring ALL of it with them. Luke's father is the worst kind of asshole, (his psycho ways and all the drama surrounding him made me roll my eyes MORE THAN ONCE) all that drama has made him paranoid and shallow when it comes to relationships, Matthew has been hurt deeply by people he trusted and Richard was at a time of life where he did not thing love was in the cards for him.

But Richard sees something in their chemistry and relentlessly pursues what he feels can be a beautiful thing. This book has SO MUCH sex, it's almost too much (I can barely believe I'm saying this as I DO LOVE ME SMUT :O))it felt a bit monotonous at times. The subplot with Luke's dad got a bit over the top for me...But overall it was a fun read. I would have loved to know the characters more because I really liked Richard and Matthew and totally bought how the chemistry between the three of them could work.

Anyways liked it...Sweet if INCREDIBLY smutty :O)