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A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane Wow this book was a TRIP...What would happen to a person's mind if they had to float in a space shuttle for 10 years after seeing EVERYTHING that he has ever known blown to pieces?...Knowing that you are the only one that survived, and that your survival could have cost your savior their own life.

That is what happens to Anderson Rawn...After being put in an shuttle by his sister while their planet was under attack he is set in a journey to find a new galaxy. The trip takes 10 years, and at twelve years old Anderson starts that journey alone. Along the way he begins to interact with holograms available in the shuttle. He begins to learn holo-science and eventually creates sentient, thinking holograms that become his family. Those holograms are different parts of Anderson's own mind, his strong and loyal side, his playful side, his intellectual side and his very dark side, the parts of his mind that see him as weak, that hate that he survived and others didn't. That side of himself is the hologram Alpha his lover and his abuser...

As the journey progresses hard decisions need to be made to conserve energy...during this time Anderson is obsessed with saving every word that has has information about his colony, so that the memories and culture of his birthplace are not lost forever.

Eventually he arrives at the Space station and the man that comes to meet him and is in charge of helping Anderson, Space Engineer CJ Poulson, from the first moment is intrigued by Anderson, and takes it upon himself to protect him. CJ is a happy go lucky guy, but watching the footage of what Anderson lived through those ten years threatens to break him too...He is feeling too much for Anderson and he knows the danger in this, Anderson is fragile, his grasp on reality could snap at any moment...But he is helpless to it, he falls in love.

This book is a roller coaster, there are moments so brutal and so heartbreaking that I was breathless...I raged and cried for Anderson, and how unfair it was that someone so innocent had to live through what he did.

This book takes an intriguing look at PTSD and how loneliness, grief and guilt can warp a mind. That aspect of the book was so well done and analyzed, truly well written, for ANY genre. I couldn't get enough of this story, it was disturbing, and interesting and addicting.

But above all THIS WAS a love story...and oh man what a love it was. CJ and Anderson broke my heart and put it back together so many times I lost count...But when they finally get to happiness, I wanted to stand up and cheer...That was one damn hard earned HEA, and HOLY SHIT was it a good one.

In this genre, I've read unexpectedly great books from not so great authors, not so good books from pretty good authors...This is an excellent book from a fantastic writer. I expect a lot from Amy Lane, and once again she delivered and then some. I know I say this after every Amy Lane book I read, but this might be her best yet. She keeps getting better!

This is a book worth reading.