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The Darkling Thrush - Josh Lanyon I have trouble explaining this book...I was fantasy for sure...but I also got a very steampunk feeling from it. It was enjoyable and entertaining and beautifully written...How does Josh Lanyon do it? I don't know, I'm just happy as hell he can.

In this world Colin Bliss is a book hunter from Boston(librivenator) of Magick books who is working in the London Bureau. He is young but well known for discovering a very obscure grimoire (book of Old Magick).

Out the blue he is hired (on the sly) to hunt for the Sword's Shadow a mythical book that is said to be the most powerful grimoire. There is a lot of legend around this book and most of it having to do with people related to it ending up dead. He takes the job, partly to get away from his office where he is having to face his boss, with whom he just ended an affair.

Once in the hunt he realizes he maybe way in over his head...

This books has fantastic words...I keep saying that but it;s true, I could almost feel the cloud of mysticism in the air...Septimus Marx Colin's lover/nemesis/savior is fantastic, it unfolds partly in Scotland and I loved the descriptions on the place.

The title of the book is also the title of a Thomas Hardy poem...I could not help but read to find parallels...I think I found some....lovely story, lovely writing such lovely words.