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Suicide Watch - Kelley York This book needs a better review so here it goes...

The boy that talks to us in this book is Vince. Vince is a lonely boy, his emotions overwhelm him all the time, he goes into panics and just becomes a mess. The only person that has stuck by him is his foster mom Maggie, except the day of his high school graduation she has a heart attack and dies. Vince officially is alone in the world with absiloutely no one who cares about him.

His thoughts become dark and he's feeling a lot of despair. Even though Maggie arranged for all her assets to be left to Vince giving him enough time and money to get on his feet, he is feeling hopeless. His thoughts keep going back to that girl he saw jumping from the bridge near his home the year before.

He stumbles upon a pro-suicide website and there he finds people that are kindred spirits. Casper a 17 yr old girl in the last stages of terminal cancer and Roxwell, actually Adam, a boy who only speaks to him through song lyrics.

They begin a friendshi that eventually they take to real life and those relationships change Vince's world. He is not alone anymore and he's with people who will not judge him and understand him. It's not an easy road and Vince is a stubborn guy, but by the ends we know that he is looking forward to life...and is in love.

Totally dug this book. It is sad since one of the loveliest characters is a terminal cancer patient it can be very somber at times, but I liked it. I LOVED IT. I liked how the author showed us Vince's struggle with his head and his emotions, how he grew, how he opened up to friendshp. I loved how amazing Adam and him were for Casper even though, they were socially awkward themselves they put it all aside to be with their friend in her last weeks. She also explored the darker side od euthanasia and of evil people who prey on the desperate and alone...Very distubing stuff.

Overall, Adam and Vince were incredibly sweet and I just loved them so much. I was so hopeful for them in the end and trusted they would be alright.

Sweet sweet book. Tissues might be a good idea for this one.