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3.5 Stars

This would have gotten four solid stars from me, but I had a bit of trouble with the last 25% of the book. I just felt it was rushed a bit and I wanted a more developed resolution. To be fair it ended how it started with Jake and Alex jumping into the fire like the world was going to end, that was how they were and for the most part I dug it because they were HOT. Like HOT HOT HOT. As far as erotica goes it gets five stars. This book is very sexy and I love me some hot smut. There were a few issues here and there that just wouldn't go away for me though.

The basic story is that Alex a 22 yr old guy who comes from a well to do family in Glasgow is stuck in a rut. He doesn't want to join the family law firm, where his long time boyfriend also works. He is working at an airport coffee shop and basically avoiding having to make any decisions about his life. Like ANY AT ALL. He never sees his boyfriend, he barely talks to his parents and all around our Alex is a consumate avoider.

One day a super hot and mysterious dude comes to get some coffee at this stand and the sparks fly they end up doing it in one of those airport cabins. The sex is amazing, the guy is amazing. But he has a flight to catch and Alex has a life to go back to. Until the next time that Mr. Hot and Mysterious Sex God shows up and Alex jumps his bones again.

For those that are bother by cheating, I'd say this story is not really an issue since it's obvious that he and the boyfriend are not together anymore they are just too distanced to even sever what is left. We never see the guy and when we do, it ain't pretty.

Alex and Jake are hot together and develop fast and hard feelings but, they NEVER TALK so all kinds of shit builds up until the very end and when all hell broke loose I was kind ready for the happy ending. Despite that I did enjoy the premise of the mysterious Jake showing up to Alex's shop between adventures and fucking his brains out. It was all Nine and Half Weeks with a twist type of story that worked...It would have been pretty damn close to great if Alex wasn't such an emo little fucker, and his family was just way over the top. He IRRITATED ME!

Anywho, the erotica was right on, great chemistry, the story annoyed me at times, but I did enjoy for the most part.

I'm curious for more from this author.