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Family Man -  Marie Sexton, Heidi Cullinan I liked this book a lot. It was suprisingly mellow and the erotica was definetly not front and center, but I liked how the plot focused on the guys getting to a good place before they jumped into bed (I did feel like the "we are not having sex" mantra got a bit repetitive at times, but still the story worked for me).

Vince Fierro is 38, thrice divorced and starting to feel like happines is just not in the cards for him. While on a job at a gay couple's house he has a revelation...Maybe he IS gay. He kind of rumiates this thought, talks it over with his sister and decided to go to a gay bar and see how he deals with that.

Vince comes from a huge traditional Italian family, so he is scared of his family's reaction if he turns out to be gay, and he's also very self concious of how being gay would affect him as a MAN. On his night out he ends up seeing Trey Giles a young guy from his neighborhood...So Trey is gay...Gay and cute...Fast Forward to them spending a nice night out dancing and flirting and Vince having to face up to the fact that this gay thing is here to stay.

Trey has a hard life situation his mom is an alcoholic, his grandma is sick and it's up to him to support the family, at 25 he feels beaten down with all the responsibilities of school, work, home...He has no one to lean on. Vinnie becomes that person, even though Vin is not reay to be out to the world he slowly becomes more and more the person Trey can count on and it's hard for him, because life has taught him that he can't count on anyone but himself. Vinnie doesn't give up though and they end up becoming a solid thing.

Vin is so scared of what his family will think and he is still trepidatious about sex...But they take their time and get their happy ending.

This book was sweet, and despite the mom's constant fuck ups pretty straightforward. I liked both characters and really enjoyed the romance.

Recommend for fans of either author, this book was definitely better for me than their last joint effort. Very nice.