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Requiem for a Broken Dream - Lori C. Hawkins 2.5 Stars

*groans* Why DSP? WHYYYYY?!!

This book could have actually been awesome, but it just went off the rails way too many times. It's such a shame, because the plot was different and enjoyable. But it just lost focus, and the last third of the book went on forrrrrrreeevvvvveeeeerrrrrr...Yet again another example of DSP editors jerking off on the job, and letting a book with tons of potential end up in my 'just Okay' pile.

So, Nick Conte is a writer trying to catch his big break for the screenplay he's been working on. He's been a fan of Stone Carter one of the old greats that has fallen from grace. His big idea is that his screenplay written for Carter will bring the actor back, and give Nick a the push he needs.

One night while writing his gorgeous next door neighbor Dean drunkenly stumbles into his apartment, gets sick all over poor Nick's floor and that marks the beginning of an easy friendship between the two men. Dean is a part-time actor, and has actually worked with Stone Carter. Dean offers to give Nick pointers about Stone to help his writing.

Dean is a nice guy, but seems to drink too much, disappears from time to time and is apparently dating a man with an abusive streak. Nick is starting to fall for Dean, but Dean says his life is not in a good place for love. He has made deals to get ahead that have turned his life into a waking nightmare and Nick can never know about it.

Eventually Nick gets a call from Stone Carter. He's interested in Nick's screenplay, but the condition is that Nick moves into the old actor's mansion to write the final version. THIS is where this book gets good, because Stone Carter is a dead ringer for Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard and Nick stars to fear that he might end up face down in the swimming pool. The author really does well here, she captures the right mix of creepy, scary, grotesque and darkly humorous for Nick's situation...

The thing is Dean still has to be in the picture somehow and the parallel for what he is doing, just feels weird...Dean of course rescues Nick just at the right time, and they escape the madman.

Time to walk off into the Sunset right? NOT SO MUCH the book was still only half done.

Soooooo...Nick and Dean are in love, truths come out, but they are forgiven. Dean wants a fresh start out of Hollywood, Nick wants to stay (even though he never really wanted to be there, and his parents have awesome place in Russian River Valley both him and Dean love and could easily move to).

So the book kind of goes on and on, between Nick and Dean trying to arrive at the OBVIOUSLY obvious best option for their future...They do end up getting their happy ending, even if I might have been too fatigued to enjoy it.

*Sighs* Do I recommend? Maybe...If you're a fan of Noir you might get a kick out of certain parts of this book...Some editing and focus would have done wonders here.