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Morning Report - Sue  Brown This was my first Sue Brown book and I really, really liked it.

This is the story of Luke and Simon we meet these men at a crossroads, they have been happy together for ten years, they are devoted to each other and their ranch. Their families are loving and supportive and their community is accepting and understanding of their relationship.

That is until a new pastor starts preaching hatefulness at the church and things begin to change, their friends begin to shun them and to harm their ranch. Things become strained for them...This is a straightforward kind of plot. We find two people living their lives, things get bad, they get through it. End of story.

But it is very well written, the main characters are open and easy to love, the supporting characters are strong and so good to Luke and Simon. There is also the aspect of these men facing homophobia and what poison that kind of behavior can be, even for established couples that have no doubts in each others love.

Oh and did I mention this is one of the HOTTEST books I've read?...Luke and and Simon...Whoooo....Still fanning myself over those two.

Great book and I'm beyond happy two of the characters Tommy and Noah also get their own story CAN'T WAIT!

I'll keep reading Sue Brown!