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Detour - Talia Carmichael Okay, so if you get annoyed by sappyness (Hi Mel!) this book is not for you.

That being said there were some very sweet parts, and I kinda cried at one point. Robert is college professor, on his way to meet friend he gets a flat tire and officer Miguel Rodriguez comes to his rescue...There is instant attraction but they let things go. They run into each other again, and things take their course...very very fast.

This books had a few funny things...It was almost a view at the world like it should be...An accepting, loving Latin family full of hot gay brothers...YES!!! A homophobia free police force with hot men in uniform who could potentially kiss at any moment...HELL YES!!

The Spanish was JUST BAD...the use of the word querido was rampant and the last time I heard that used as a term of endearment was in an 80s Mexican soap...*shaking head*

Now to wrap up, yes it was sappy, but it was kinda sweet, HELLA hot, and I am curious for the next story, which I plan to read.

I am also offering my services, free of charge, to check up on the Spanish :O)