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I loved this book. Loved the characters!! LOVED!

Rodney Mansfield is a man that lives exactly like he wants to. He could care less what the world thinks of him, how he looks, how he dresses...He is who he is. Much like the Honey Badger, he is BADASS, and he just takes WHAT HE WANTS. He's an artist, a karate master, an OUT and proud gay man. He is outspoken, extroverted and for the most part oozes confidence. Except with one thing. His enormous crush on 'the most beautiful man he has ever seen', Hunter Fallon. The object of Rod's desires is a firefighter, nice guy, and soooo out of his league. Rod is convinced that his tiny puny fairy self could never catch a man like that. In that, he doubts himself.

One day while Rod is out for a run, Hunter happens to stop by a booth where Rod is exhibiting his work at an art festival. Hunter is impressed by Rod's paintings, and introduces himself. He is also also interested in Rod's friend Jerry. A surfer dude with a big heart, but not much to say. Jerry seems interested in Hunter too, so they start going out. As poor Rod's heart breaks.

Hunter has been living his life to make his dad happy. His career choices, even the men he picks to date are dictated by what he thinks will please his father. He has always avoided men like Rodney. Too LOUD too NOTICEABLY GAY. A guy like Jerry that is who he should be interested in. Except Rod is the one he really wants, Rod is the one that can give him what he's been missing.

These men were ABSOLUTELY great together, I loved the dynamics between them. The chemistry was SIZZLING and when they got their shit together, and finally took the plunge...CUTEST FRIGGIN THING EVER!!! Now I know people are gonna be all up in arms about Hunter and Rod having sex while Hunter was still dating Jerry. Well, it was not great of them to do that. But hey, if Jerry blew it off, and stayed friends with both of them, then who am I to bring out the judgment patrol, besides, it turns out great for everyone. I am here to be entertained people, and I REFUSE to let this book be ruined for me!!! some stuff that goes down...But it was not bad enough for me to enjoy this couple any less.

It was funny, cute, hot, sweet, surprising, and did I mention HOT?

Recommend. People MUST know Rodney!