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Brute - Kim Fielding 3.75 Stars

This was a nice fairy tale. It's the story of Brute a "hunchback of Notre Dame/Shrek" type character who is ugly and kinda of scart looking, but has a heart of gold and is honorable to a fault.

THe people in his town treat him badly, he has a crappy job esenstially working as a beast of burden at construction sites. One day while the prince of the the kingdom Brute lives in is visiting the site of a bridge in construction, he falls and Brute saves his life. The prince rewards him by offering him work at the palace.

Brute's life changes forever after that. Not only is he working in THE PALACE he is working among people who are kind to him, he has a comfortable living situation and he's secure...Only thing is The Job. He is in charge of caring for a sole prisioner. Gray Leynham. People call Gray a "traitor" he has these visions that scare people and he is just wasting away in a cell.

Brute of course sees beyond the dirt and the shackles...He shows Gray kindness, shares his meals with him, helps him be more comfortable and slowly that companionship turns into love. They give each other something neither of them have had before. Unconditional, devoted love.

Still Gray is a prisoner and Brute cannot sit there and let the love of his life be in a prison forever, so he comes up with a plan to free them both.

Like I said I likes this fairy tale and it has a nice happy ending. Brute was not exactly a unique character but he was well done. I loved the secondary characters as well. I had a few issues with the way some things developed and I felt it dragged a bit in some parts.

Overall it was a good story. I liked it.