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Kevin is an ex cop who after a near fatal accident gained some psychic abilities. Kevin was left with many issues after the accident and has been living a secluded life in Wyoming, estranged from his family back in LA. His brother in law who is a police captain in LA request his help to find a person who has been snatching boys...he agrees to help and gets assigned to Connor Dougal a detective on the case that is highly skeptical about anything paranormal, and he has his reasons...and then things get interesting.

This book for me would have been a five, if not for the annoyingness (is this a word?) of me thinking every 10 pages "That's the guy!!! It's him, you're a frigging psychic. Does the man have to spell out? HE DID IT!!".

That got old, and really irritating, so it took away from my enjoyment. Other than that...as with almost all this author's books I fell in love with the couple. Kevin was adorable, funny and messed up (reminded me of my beloved Vic from the Psycop series)and Connor was a full blown alpha male and there is nothing I love more than that.

I loved the family and the way that Connor and Kevin healed each other, it was hard and fast and HOT but gentle too. I think it might be one of my all time favorite endings too.