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Suite Française - Irène Némirovsky, Sandra Smith The story of how this book was found is incredible...so is the book. This book takes place during the Nazi occupation of France. The first part is about the taking of Paris and the second of the occupation of a rural French village by German soldiers.

What is amazing about this book is how beautifully she captures the emotions of the people in the books. How some people can be heroic, brave, courageous, petty, stupid, even lazy in moments that are so monumentally important. Also how even tragic and life changing circumstances can become mundane after a while. It's a book that made think A LOT. It made me cry and it made me smile (albeit a sad smile) for people and what so many have gone through and yet humanity continues to be resilient even in the face of things that are unthinkable, and it made me glad for amazing writers that can take us so vividly to places we should know about and to events we should be aware of.

This book was so moving to me and I found it so beautifully written. A few years ago when I first read and still now.