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Special Forces - Veterans (Special Forces, #3) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan This was one of the most interesting reading experiences I've had...for sure this read in an exercise in endurance, because this story is LOONNNNGGG...having said that, Dan and Vadim, the main characters, are well worth it.

Veterans is the third book in Special Forces and it concludes the story of Dan and Vadim, if you've gotten to this part of the story, you are already head over heels with these guys, so don't need much convincing.

This third book for me was the hardest to read, for the first couple of hundred pages, I actually had to force myself to keep reading, because the plot was getting to be a little to much for me and I think Dan and Vadim lost a lot of who they were as a couple...which they did...but you get them back somewhere around the middle and they come back, good as ever.

25 years...these two guys gave me every emotion, laughed out loud, made me mad as hell, made me melancholy, and they frigging made me cry...more than once!

What I loved about them was that despite everything when things were so hard that it seemed like they thought it was over...they did what was hard to come back to the only thing that was certain, their love.

As Dan and Vadim would say, 'We are the lucky ones', to have found this story and ever luckier if we read on and get to see that happy ending.

I most certainly recommend this read!