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In a Dark Wood - Josh Lanyon First...Josh Lanyon has the most awesome taste in music...We Shall Overcome...BS Seeger Sessions...AWESOME!!

Second..This story was fantastic...I liked that it was in NY although the city was not really a character.

Tim meets Luke at a dinner party...prompted by his friend Rob, Tim tells the story of how him and his friend discovered a very scary man while lost in the woods in Jersey. Tim played up the story and laughed it off. Luke could tell, Tim did not think it was quite so funny.

At the end of the night Luke asks Tim out on a date. He wants to go camping to the areas where Tim and his friend discovered that man all that time ago.

I was almost tempted to say...it was to short...but after digesting it for a bit...I decided no...it was just right...this story was about a start...a traumatic very intense start with crazy killer guy included...but a start nevertheless...Tim has stuff to work through and Luke says he will help him with that...the story left me hopeful that he would, and that Tim would be strong enough to try.

I think of all the JL books I've read Tim might be one of the darker characters, troubled, kind of in despair, and can't really laugh at himself very much. It was a different kind of inner dialogue...I liked it. As always fine fine writing.

I recommend.