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Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward What can I say?...this is the 9th book in this series I've read, so I'm easy. But it was good...really good.

I'll admit that the first quarter of the book went slow for me...the slang was annoying and I could not really tell where she was going with it. Other than I was pretty sure Manny and Payne's story was somewhere in there...and I did bitch about that some...Well, screw all that, because about a third into it, she reeled me in but good. I could not stop reading.

This book for me had three separate stories. First it was Vs book, Second, it was Manny and Payne's book and Third it was Qhinn and Blay's. These stories where so distinct to me...that after reading a chapter of V, going back to Manny and Payne required almost an adjustment.

The story with V made me cringe a lot...but in the end it was very good at explaining V. I also appreciated the whole aspect of V and Jane having problems to work out, HEA's have their hurdles too.

Although, I am still not sure why Ward pushes V and Butch together in ways that are so much closer than sex, and the pulls them apart. My heart ached for V during his darkness, but felt good that he got closure.

Manny and Payne where good...Manny was super hot and Payne was a strong presence...I liked them together, I wish I could have gotten to know them a bit more. But I liked how Manny fit in with the Brothers...and his whole fierce Chief of Surgery thing.

Qhauy...Ohhh Qhuay....I don't even know what to say other than...WHERE THE HELL IS THEIR BOOK?! Qhuinn's whole thing is heartbreaking...the despair practically rolls off him...it's like there's nothing left. There was very little of Blay's POV in the book, but one thing that I noticed was that Qhuinn seems to be stuck, he hasn't grown up...he's unhappy and desperate...but still so immature and stubborn. Blay is a man now...a man that has understood that despite how unfair it may be that he can't have who he wants. He's willing to let himself be happy, with someone who wants him...and he likes as well.

There are a lot of new things in this book too...the lessers seem to be regrouping for a full blown war, the 'band of bastards' is now a presence in Caldwell, and I'm still not sure what the serial killer's story had to do with anything. I wish there would have been more of the other Brothers since I did get much of the rest of the boys.

All in all JR Ward can still bring it (pardon the slang)) and as soon as #10's release date is out that baby is getting pre-ordered :)