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Out of the Blue - Josh Lanyon This short story was just another example to me that Josh Lanyon CAN WRITE ANYTHING WELL...

This is a war story...Bat a British pilot serving in France during WWI accidentally has killed a mechanic trying to blackmail him about his relationship with another pilot who has just been shot down...In comes Cowboy a Yank pilot...Cowboy helps Bat to sort out the mess.

Cowboy wants Bat, and he not beyond being sneaky to get him, they begin a sexual relationship new territory for Bat despite his past relationship with Gene...Cowboy gives Bat something he needs so badly he allows him to feel protected, and that he can give up control.

I love how he writes....his words always leave me in astonished delight(I know he used this phrase in one of his books in a very different context, but I love what it conveys :)) The man uses words like outrageous intimacy, and you can just see this men lost in one another in a time where everything is fleeting like war, they find such beauty in what the can give to in each other.

Josh Lanyon can take me anywhere and I will happily and trustingly read...he is dangerously closing in on Michael Chabon and Gabriel Garcia Marques for My Absolute Favorite Writer spot :o)