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NonConsensual Love - Failte Ahhh this was good...and WAY THE HELL out of my comfort zone...or so I thought...

Yeah this was an interesting take on age difference. What can I say that does not make it sound bad?

Well here it goes. Ryan is 15 years old and has just been rescued with his sisters by a man on a yacht in the Ivory Coast. Ryan and his sisters had been kidnapped and have managed to escape. Once they are in the boat Ryan offers the man his body in exchange for the man's help to get them to Gibraltar.

The man 52 year old S'naobrett Khazalahan, or Sno for Ryann who happens to be the Minister of Medicine of Ivory Coast.

So this man is attracted sexually to this boy and does take advantage of the situation to get what he wants.

But there was a lot more to this story. Sno is a man who lives in a place where homosexuality is illegal he never even realized he was gay until he was well into his thirties. It was an interesting outlook on being gay in Africa. There are a lot of places where a man can go to jail for kissing another man.

Sno was man in a time of his life where things were to be savored and enjoyed. He took his time with Ryan never scaring him never hurting him, never manipulation him emotionally there was no power psychological play.

Ryan on his part at the beginning could only see this black man and his whole attitude and thoughts about Sno being black were kind of hard to read, but by the middle of the book he rarely thinks of it. Ryan really evolved as a character he was never scared, it was a summer of discovery.

I couldn't help but see Sno as man who was noble and honest even if his sexual attraction to Ryan was just on this side of perverse.

I'm glad I read this with a buddy it was easier to like it. I liked the writing and Ryan's voice and wish we could have known more about his sisters. The ending was a bit unlikely, but hey it was a happy one at that.