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Kissed By God - T. A. Chase This was sweet little story, that dealt with something really hard.

Gus is a recovering heroin addict, he has been out of rehab and for the first time in his life he is committed to staying clean. He is still very fragile and unsure. He feels awkward and out of place. So he works his waiter job and his mechanic job and keeps to himself.

One night at the restaurant he serves Morris an impressive and attractive man who shows him kindness. The next day he meets Morris again by coincidence and agrees to go out to coffee with, even if he can't understand what a man like Morris wants with an ex-druggie like him.

I liked this book a lot, and it broached the subject of addiction well I thought. No judgment, sympathy but no pity, no excuses.

Gus and Morris were lovely, Gus was so fragile and Morris so strong and sure of what he wanted, but also bearing his own battle wounds on the inside. They were two men who had done a lot of damage to themselves, but were able to open themselves something that was good.

Sweet story loved it.