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Song of Oestend (Oestend, #1) - Marie Sexton This was one part historical romance, one part sweeping Western, and one part ghost story...Which made for QUITE a good read.

Aren Montrell has been vanished to the unforgiving lands Oestend to work as a bookkeeper at the BarChi Ranch. Aren is bitter and tired of being used and tossed away by men, and his current situation is a direct result of that same pattern. He is picked up by BarChi's foreman Deacon to reach his new home. Deacon is kind, funny and lighthearted. He is also tough and honest and runs the BarChi with incredible strength and dignity.

The BarChi is an interesting place complete with haunted house and man eating wraiths. Aren for the most part is happy there, especially once he is in his own space (ghost and all)...At a slow pace Aren and Deacon become involved, and they discover just how right it is to be with someone that not only allows you to be yourself, but who delights in giving you what you need.

The book did start slow for me, and up until one third into it I was not totally engaged. However once the story got me, it did not let go. Deacon and Aren where explosive together, so very sexy. And I mean that, this might be some of the best erotica I've read all year...and I've read LOTS. It was a romance,to be sure, but the sex was so sultry and sensual, very powerful, and it gave the story and the romance a lot. It was not just added fluff, it was a big part of who Aren and Deacon where to each other.

The place, the ghosts and the characters (specially Olsa) were for the most part very good. One thing I must say, I had bit of an issue with the way the Anaui (Deacon's ancestors) people were portrayed at times...But overall I really liked this book.

Another very good Marie Sexton book...She stays on the auto buy list.