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Clear Water - Amy Lane Another great book by Amy Lane...Amy Lane is not an auto-buy author for me in this genre, she's required reading and with damn good reason.

This books is about Patrick and Whiskey. Patrick is a 23 year old man, who has ADHD and not a lot of support from anyone around him. His father is a very wealthy, very indifferent man, his mom took off long ago, and his 'boyfriend' just wants him for his dad's money.

Patrick ends up in a very bad situation, and getting his ass saved, by Wesley "Whiskey" Keenan who happens to be standing by to watch it all happen...Patrick ends up in Whiskey's houseboat, where he lives while doing some field research...So Whiskey likes this boy he's saved. This spazzy, all over the place, bouncy, beautiful boy, with the wise ass mouth and the sad eyes. And he goes about seeing how he can keep him for good.

Whiskey and Patrick were very good together. Individually they were funny, smart,and really cool. Together they had amazing chemistry. Whiskey was so funny and so protective. I just loved that. And Patrick was prickly as hell, but also so vulnerable...and they were pretty damn sexy too.

The last quarter of the book did throw me off a bit, there were a few plot twists that were, at least for me, not needed. I would have been happy with the story being JUST about Whiskey and Patrick figuring out how to be together.

All in all though, it was an awesome book. Amy Lane in her last two books has seriously impressed me with her skills in writing characters with behavior and/or mental disorders. I thought how she wrote Patrick was absolutely brilliant.

So HELL YEAH! I recommend this one. As my buddy Tina already said, everyone should have a little Whiskey in their lives :O)