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Dead Run - Josh Lanyon This is the fourth book in the Dangerous Ground Series, and for me, the best one yet.

We meet up with Will and Taylor 11 months after Will has taken his assignment in Paris, and right at the time when Taylor finally has gotten some time off and is heading to France for a visit.

The job gets in the way for Taylor right at the LAX airport. Events begin to unfold once he arrives in Paris that have Will and Taylor working as partners again, trying to put a stop to an old Breton separatist that seems to have come back from the grave.

This time around we get the full effect of the insanely frustrating goodness that is Will and Tay. They are hot, they are cold, they are happy, they are angry, they are in love, they are doubtful, from one moment to the next. It's what they do, and why we love them. Because it all makes for intensely passionate moments, and for moments of tenderness and emotion that just left you raw.

There was a point in the story that I was not happy, and I said it...But I should have known that Josh was going to make something awesome out of that, and he really really really did. The ending was just PERFECT. I was a very happy girl. I hope there is more, but I am happy where I left these boys as well.

On a side note, I thought Josh did an amazing job with capturing that difficulties of keeping a long distance relationship. How reunions are always bittersweet, because despite how much longing there is, there are also pent up insecurities, resentments, loneliness. There is also the guilt that those things can't be tempered down, during times together, despite how in love two people are.

As always, beautiful writing, witty, lovely, touching, sexy, smart and everything else that is good. And the visit to Paris just made it all even lovelier.

If you you've read the first three, don't even think about. Read this now. If you have not, get to it..You have four books to read!