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Crossing Borders - Z. A. Maxfield I really like ZA Maxfield her St. Nacho's series is one of my favorites...so I knew I'd like this story too, and I really did.

Tristan is 19 and so far VERY hetero...after his latest girlfriend dumps him he decided to try something different...he ends up with the cop that has been giving him tickets for not wearing a helmet for years.

Michael is a lot older than Tristan, but things progress fast and they both fall hard. Things a re complicated between them...Tristan is young and scared of the danger of Michael's job.

One thing is certain though they belong to each other. I really liked the families in this story the acceptance and the fact that Tristan was young was not taken lightly...this is a great love story...and these two boys just burned for each other.


ETA: The second time this book was even better than the first. I love, love, LOVE!!!! Tristan and Michael. This kind of love story are why I fell in love with this genre. They were so so lovely.