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Pretty Monsters - Andrea Speed HOLY CRAP!!! This was AWESOME!! I need like 250 pages more of this like RIGHT NOW!!

Ok so Josh just started working the night shift at the Quick-Mart, a bunch of monsters show up all the time to buy stuff. They're super ugly, but he doesn't care, they're harmless, and really good tippers. Besides, he's a night owl, and likes the hours. Also there's Hot Guy, dude loves sweets, and comes by all the time to buy some. Josh REALLY likes Hot Guy...and Hot Guy noticed. They get a little friendly...and umm yeah things get interesting.

Reading this story tonight was like just happening to turn on the TV when you just happen to catch the pilot to an awesome new show, by the end you always know two things. First, you're damn lucky you caught it. Second, you're coming back for more.

I LOVED this place and I need to know so many things...Why are the lizards so tall? What's with the Zombie's food choice? What's up with all the candy bars? What's the deal with Mr. Kwon? Is Josh gonna get his 20 minute break? All these things and more, are gonna have me right back at the Quick-Mart as soon as there is more from this awesome little place.