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Bitterwood - Rowan Speedwell 3.75 Stars

I enjoy this author's writing very much. She sets the stories so nicely. Her men are strong and honorable. It's nothing over the top or intense, just nicely paced and lovingly written.

In this book we get two love stories.

Joss and Faran. Joss is the Lord of Deanewood or Bitterwood. On a stormy night Faran a Captain of the King's Army shows up at his door with his men asking for shelter. Faran is travelling with one of the King's Mages, Meric. They are on a secret mission, which if it fails could be disastrous for Meric.

Joss and Faran are drawn to each other, and even though they know their obligations will not allow for them to be together they, are old and wise enough to know that they need to take advantage of the time the do have.

Then there are Meric and Eissa. Eissa is the youngest son of the Deanewood house. The moment he sees Meric, he knows he has found his 'one true love', the men of Deanewood have always know their mates, and Eissa belongs with Meric. But Meric has a difficult task ahead of him and will need the men of Bitterwood to accomplish it.

The couples in this book charmed me so much. Joss and Faran were fierce, and oh so sexy. Meric and Eissa were so adorable.

This book had really interesting twists and fantasy elements. It is not fast paced, but it is very satisfying. I like Rowan's Speedwell's writing. She is consistently good.

I recommend.