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The Closer You Get (Distance Between Us, #2) - L.A. Witt 3.75 Stars

Ok so wow! This book was very a interesting read for me, for about two thirds of the book I alternated between really liking Keiran (one of the MCs), really not liking him, and feeling like there was something he was hiding from me, so I didn't really know who he was. Overall his character won me over and by the very end I wanted to give him a big hug...But it was a lot of back and forth.

Keiran pretty much introduces himself as a slut to everyone he knows. He 'claims it', 'owns it', 'is confident enough to say it', 'he loves sex', 'sleeping around is the best'...WHATEVER. So one night while hanging out at a friend's house, his friend's daughter Sabrina asks him to help her friend Alex out. He is recently out of the closet, and has NO experience of ANY kind sexually or romantically. Since Keiran is a World Class Slut (with a heart of course) he might be just the guy to show Alex the ropes of the Seattle gay scene.

They hit if off, and decided that they can do a little experiment. Keiran wants to help Alex in figuring out sex, in a safe way where he won't get hurt. Alex is up for it. He trusts Keiran and they get along so well. Keiran really is a good man, if so emotionally stunted its a miracle he can let other people touch him. But he is all about the sex, so they get on with 'the tutorials' and well, it goes from there.

This book was sweet, really funny and VERY SEXY, but it wasn't really a light read for me. I felt sad for Keiran, like he was protecting himself from something the whole time, like who he said he was, was not the truth. I wish there could have been more of him and Alex together and open to love, there was so little of that. They worked so well together, the chemistry was amazing, but more than once I thought,"I wish this was more than just sex"...I mean I knew it was, but it wasn't at the same time.

The sex was SUPER HOT, and it got progressively more intense, as their own feelings (even if they were both totally hiding from them) became more intense too.

Overall I liked this book a lot, and the ending was SO PRECIOUS. So I would recommend it. I just felt I got something different than what I was expecting from reading the blurb. Oh, and for most of the book I was totally annoyed with Rhett and Ethan.