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Soldier - A.K.M. Miles Well this was just completely HEARTWARMING. There is really no other way to describe this book. Please please please DO NOT judge this book by its cover! I BEG YOU.

Soldier is a man who has been so scarred by war, both mentally and physically, that all he can do is hide. From people, from his name from everything. One day he notices that in one of the properties he owns there is young man living with a group of boys. He seems to care for them, even though he is obviously struggling to keep them fed and provided for. He's so curious how this man got all these boys, and he just starts coming by to see what they are up to. Until one night one of the little boys spots him and he finally gets to meet the young man and the boys who will bring him back to life.

Dillon, has never had much of anything, not much love, or money. But his heart is big. He has started taking care of boys that like him have been hurt too badly and then discarded. He will do anything for those boys, but he has no money and is barely keeping it together it's just so hard doing it all on his own. One night he sees this big man looking into the house, this giant looks menacing, but he goes and speaks to him anyways. That's how he meets Soldier, the man who comes into his life like a tidal wave.

The stories in this book are heartbreaking. It's horrifying to think that there are children in this world being broken by the people that should love them and nurture them. But it was also so sweet to read about their resilience, and how amazing the human spirit can be that it can still be open to love after being broken so badly.

The kids were AMAZING! Gom just pretty much hijacked my heart and ran off with it from the first. Just so adorable. What more can I say? I just really enjoyed this book. Was it perfect? Nope, it wasn't. Was the writing sappy at times? Yes it was. Were Soldier and Dillon super insta-lovey? That would be a big YES. Still, I couldn't help but love these kids, and these men with their kind hearts. Because in the end this book was about finding family, love, and a safe place.

As a side note.....Ummm Soldier and Dillon were kind of crazy hot together. Sure a bit chatty while smexing, but pretty damn sexy nonetheless.

I recommend.

And YES! The cover still gives me the heebie jeevies.