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A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End (Goldilocks #2) - A.M. Riley SO HOT! OMG SO HOOOOOT! So sweet, so hot, so funny, so super hot, so adorable, so face melting hot, so loving and just fun....SO FUCKING HOT!!

Ok so this book was the sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears and we find Brian, Scott and their Daddies trying to make their very special relationship work. Paul and Brian are attached still, and very in love and Jim and Scott are also in love, but still working on where to find a good balance. Scott is still so insecure, and has trouble accepting that he needs what Jim can give him. Brian is having difficulties with Paul being away so much, and is acting out, they all are. The relationship between these men is SO LOVING, patient, accepting, safe...All the things that I think make me come back to BDSM themed books. I don't have any personal experience in that type of relationship but there is something that I just LOVE SO MUCH about the idea of getting what you need from who you love. The discipline relationship that exists between these four men is fascinating, but also nurturing they FEED each other in so many ways. It is such an awesome concept. I don't know how likely this is in real life, but it is so so so so lovely to read.

Now this book might not be for everyone since, it's not only a BDSM thing but very much a established dynamic that is very much Dominant/submissive. There are four men all in love and all being sexual with each other, and there is A LOT of playing (there is one sweet little dress up party in the book that would make Bacchus himself blush :O)) but they are so dear, and it's so fun and just charming to read about them, I wish there were ten more books.

I love these men. They totally draw me into their world and HOLY SHIT! THE SEX WILL MELT YOUR FACE!

This one is going in the to be re-read shelf.

Recommend. YES YES YES!