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Out of the Shadows - Jamie Lynn Miller 3.75 Stars

The Cop and the Movie Star get their Happily Ever After. Such a sweet story, which also did a pretty good job of broaching the subject of domestic violence.

So Shane Walker has just transferred to the LAPD as part of the K-9 unit with his doggie partner Chase. One of their first calls is a domestic abuse incident at the home of famed Hollywood star Tyler Donovan. Apparently Tyler is in an abusive relationship, and has done nothing to escape the situation. Shane can't believe it. He's such a huge fan of Tyler. The actor is amazingly beautiful, talented and he seems so down to earth in the interviews. Shane just can't walk away from Tyler and leave him in that situation. He has to help him get away from his abusive partner. Because he knows first hand, just how tragically these situations can end. And so Shane goes back to Tyler to try and help him.

These men were so sweet and loving with each other. There was no angst, there was a progression from attraction, to caring to love. A nice pace, a lot of time elapsed from one stage of their relationship to the other. Shane was always so careful with Tyler, and what he had gone through. Letting him go at his own pace. It was wonderful to watch them fall in love. AND OHHH BABY!! THE SEX WAS SMOKIN!!! I loved it because it wasn't too fast, they took their time and once they were solid in their feelings they took that last step and YOWZAH! That was some hotness.

I also loved the dog and learning about the K-9 units and all the work that goes into training the animals, and also the incredible bond that exists between the dogs and their partners. That was kind of cool to read about.

They did kind of cry a lot, which annoys me a bit usually, but it was not too bothersome this time. All in all a very sweet, very satisfying, hot, sexy, romance, with a super lovely happy ending.