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Guardian - Carole Cummings Epic...big and vast and with characters that grew through the book, a world that took root and flourished with every page, with every chapter everything was better.

There is so much in this book that I have trouble even trying to pin down the elements that made me love it. I can say this, the writing was solid, the dialogue fantastic, the world building fascinating, and the themes broached were done carefully and so very intelligently...Wil and Dallin the main characters are complex and interesting. They are at a crossroads and their fates are intertwined. Wil is a man looking to fulfill his fate and he's been walking alone bearing that heavy weight...Wil reminded me so much of Odysseus making that long lonely journey with that heavy burden just on him, along the way finding cruelty, kindness and finally someone to walk along with...

I feel like I need to read the next one to fully be able to put down what I feel about this book...but I will say this, this is an excellent story, written finely.

This is my first book by Carole Cummings...but certainly no the last