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A Summit City Christmas - Ethan Day OHHH Boone, OHHH Wade how I missed you!!! This story was just perfect. It was everything I expect from Ethan Day. I was laughing IMMEDIATELY, crazy in love with the characters, and just having the best time from the moment I started to read.

Here’s the thing with Ethan Day, the man OWNS the Romantic Comedy in this genre. His comedic timing is flawless. He gets the laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Whenever I set out to read something from Ethan, I KNOW I will fall quite a few times, whether off my chair with laughter, or desperately in love with every single character. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

This time around we catch up with our boys as Boone is getting ready to have his first Christmas in Summit City. By now we all know that whenever our “Sweet Caustic Little Monkey” is involved there will be big laughs, LOTS of slutty behavior and if we’re REEEEEAAALLLYYYY lucky a visit from Dixie and Rocky :OP Our little monkey does not let us down!

Things with Wade are going great, but to make things better, Boone’s dear parents, his BFFs the twins and Gabe ,have all made the trip to Colorado, so that he can have everyone he loves together on his first holidays in his new home. This was just the best Holiday treat. Boone as always, was irreverent, witty and just PERFECTION. Wade was strong, extra toppy and delicious, and SO FRIGGIN IN LOVE with Boone that it just made me all warm and fuzzy inside. And the family…LMAO….Oh man…They kill me. There is not much else I can say, other than if you’ve read Sno Ho and Life and Fusion, you MUST read this.

Fabulous story, left me wanting more, More, MORE!!
The holidays have now officially begun :O)

RECOMMEND?!!...Pffft! YOU KNOW I DO!!! Go read it now! GO!!