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Secret Light - Z.A. Maxfield 3.75 Stars
Rafe Colman has been getting away with passing off as a man that for the most part does not exist. Who he is, how he feels, where he comes from...Who he loves, it's all a facade.

It's 1955 and Rafe has managed to hide all his secrets since he came from Austria alone at 12 years old escaping the horrors of the war.
He's built a life at the expense of actually having one.

But people's prejudices are always lurking in the shadows and one night Rafe's home is vandalized. Police Officer Ben Morgan responds to the attack and as soon as Ben sees that beautiful blonde blue eyed man and his sweet little dog looking so lost and alone, he's caught.

After yet another attack on Rafe, Ben decides Rafe and his dog Mooki are his to care for. And he does, he cares for them, and that love lets Rafe open up, emotionally, phisically and he gets a life which, despite the unavoidable secrecy that his relationship with Ben required, was a life much fuller than he ever hoped he'd have.

It's a little bit Christmas, it's a little bit Hannukah. It's a lot Holiday Sweetness.

Nice story. Sweet men.