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Blue Notes - Shira Anthony 3.75 Stars
This was a sweet story. A man travelling to Paris to do some thinking about his life, only to find possibilities he never knew he had for himself.
Jason is an attorney in Philadelphia and after finding his fiancee in bed with another man. He decides he needs time off. He goes to Paris. He has a history with that city and it might be the best place to do some thinking about his future. The night he arrives he walks into a jazz club and is totally taken by the young man playing the violin. He's never really been attracted to men before, but something about Jules, just captivates Jaz.
So they begin a passionate affair, which leaves Jaz the freedom to be himself, to discover being in love and also forces him to decide where he wants to be.

The men in this book were very charming for the most part,(they did lose a bit of that charm in the end for me though) Jules was soooo French. He just threw himself into Jaz, beared it all, said it all, was sex and passion and just hijacked Jaz's heart. Things were not perfect, but they were quite good together. Jules had some difficulties in his life, Jaz couln't decide what to do...In the end they made it work.

Paris itself was a solid character in the book and I REALLY loved that! I loved thinking about these two men falling in love in Paris. That being said, there were parts that felt a little like a course on all things French. But overall I thought the city was portrayed lovingly and very accurately.

The end of this book was a bit frustrating and just went on for too long. I felt there was a bit much unnecessary dramatics. That was a bit irritating. I will go ahead and blame most of that on DSP's nonexistent editing. A bit of tightening would have been awesome.
But despite that it's still a nice love story, set well and with just enough angst to make you feel like you worked for the happy ending.
It was pretty smexy too.