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Blue-Eyed Soul - Fae Sutherland, Chelsea James This story like Alek's neurosis for me was hot and it was cold. It was a nice romance and at times it was so sweet and romantic, and then other times it was like..."Shut up already! Get over it! Fall in love dammit, because I'm falling asleep here!!!

Soooo Remey Dufresne a famous pop star (insert image of Cajun French accented Darren Criss here) has moved to Haven a small town in New England looking to get away from all the Hollywood crazyness. He likes it there, he's not expecting much other than a little peace...Until he meets gorgeous high school music teacher Aleksandr Kelly (insert image of slightly geeky Bradley Cooper here) who just gets him all hot and bothered. Aleks is also a dad, he has the sweetest little three year old ever, so Remey falls in love twice.

This was cute, but Aleks insecurities made him SO INCONSISTENT!!! He was in love, he was unsure, Remey was perfection, Remey was a mistake, he wanted forever, he knew it wouldn't last, and round and round he went. It was a bit tiring.

However I did like the story, Remey was great, his best friend Allison was hilarious and Willow Grace was perfect! One of these authors has spent a lot of time with a three year old.

It was pretty smexy too, once they stopped YAPPING!!

It was sweet, cute and definitely readable, even with the few snags it had.