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The Island - Lisa Henry 5++ Stars...OUTSTANDING

Those with a low tolerance for gushing, may want continue reading this review with caution.

Ohhhh man, where do I even start? For starers this book hijacked my life today. I was only supposed to read the first chapter!

Discovering gems like this book, this author, are what keep me solidly planted as an avid reader in this genre. This book is exceptional. The story, the writing, the characters, the dialogue, the imagery!!!! Just every damn thing in this book drew me in and kept me there to the last word.

This was not an easy book to read. There were moments in this book that are probably some of the hardest I've read, and I have a high tolerane for books with violence. This book took me to my limit, but not in a way where I did not want to read, NOT AT ALL, it was because the level of empathy that I felt for the characters, was so powerful, I was overwhelmed. There was abuse, torture, rape...But oh my word, was it worth the read.

Adam Shaw is a man that lives his life in the gray. He does business with bad guys, he bends the law if he needs to, but he is not a monster. He has limits.

The day he arrives at a private island in Fiji to do business with a powerful druglord, he's faced with a situation that from the first he knows will end with him being on either side of NO FUCKING GOOD.

Turns out the druglord has a new toy. A young man who was captured in his property in Colombia eight weeks earlier. He was part of a US Military team. The boy is beautiful and he is BROKEN. Seeing this boy like he was, just a shell, drugged, beaten, brutalized, reminds Shaw about those limits, especially whenVornis passes the boy along for him to "play with", and he gets to see up close just how BAD these bad people he deals with really are...He can't ignore what is being done to this man. But what CAN he do? They're both trapped in that island.

In the end Shaw has to decide what is more important, jeopardizing all that he has worked for, or living with the knowledge that he left a man at the mercy of monsters. It's an interesting approach at putting things like evil and, sacrificing for the greater good into perpespective, also the idea that sometimes there is just no question as to what is right and what is wrong.

And see, here is where I have to stop, because anything beyond that would ruin the read. All I can say is that this book BLEW ME THE HELL AWAY! So much goodness! Fantastic good guys, monstrous bad guys, darkness, evil, bright hope, steely determination, outrageous resilience, CRAZY LOVE...And through it all, I was right there with them. Cried my eyes out, got sick to my stomach, laughed, was FLOORED, was happy, was... just yeah, I dug this book.