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Rampaging Fuckers of Everything on the Crazy Shitting Planet of the Vomit Atmosphere: Three Novels - Mykle Hansen Reading this book was like one of those drinking sessions where you end up getting wasted with the guy from work that's kind of clever, and can actually be funny, but also kind of a total dick, mostly because he is actually a LOT less funny than he thinks he is.

You know, he starts saying crazy shit, it sounds hilarious,(but you are also drunk, so anything that has the words cock and fuck in it will make you laugh), he also kind of sounds REALLY smart...And all of a sudden you're thinking "Holy shit this guy is actually a genius!!...WOW Patron bottles REALLY look a lot like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland...Huh!! Cute...How many shots did I have again?".

Then you think "Awwwww he's not such an asshole" until he starts making fun of people that shop at Banana Republic (and you fucking LOVE Banana Republic), even though he wears suspenders, and buys the frames for his glasses on ebay, because he'll only wear THE SAME EXACT ones that Judd Nelson used in St. Elmo's Fire, because wearing those makes him conspicuously cooler than everyone else...Which kind of makes him a dick again...Dammit!! Hey, at least he's funny.

These three novellas were really funny, and they were also really not funny. There were moments of brilliant, and moments of "That was just seriously fucked up"...All in all, as I expected from the title, it was 14 different kinds of crazy and not a bad read for a couple hours distraction.