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Nobody's Hero - Katey Hawthorne 3.5-3.75

Sweet, cute, sexy, snarky, with a hot nerdy tattooed Irish boy with a comic books addiction who listens to "The Tossers" and "The Dropkick Murphys"? UMMM HELL TO THE YESSSS! Where do I sign up???

This is the third installment in the The Superpowered Love series by Katey Hawthorne and all I can say is, her writing just works for me. I love these stories and the characters are FAB and so likable. I loved Kellan and James. Kellan was a little skittish, and it took me a while to figure him out, but when I did he just charmed me. James was a bit TOO snarky and his "I'm Shallow" bit was frustrating at times, but he was soooo into his boy. They were great together and OH MY HOTNESSS....SO SMEXY!!

Kellan is the new guy at the office and as soon as James' gaydar gives him the go ahead he is shameless in getting a piece of the geeky hottie. Their relationship is a bit tumultuous because Kellan is grumpy, and James has a lot of secrets, but the falling in love is too sweet. I liked the secondary characters and Kellan's family was great as well.

My only issue was the feeling the PNR sub-plot is starting to dwindle, it's useful in terms of providing a bit of conflict for the characters, but I'm not sure it adds much to the actual story. Maybe it will be like Cameron Dane's "Hawkins Ranch Series" where the PNR thing kind of just went away.

Anyways sexy, funny and sweet, if you're after a light read with a really LOVELY Happy Ending...This is it!!!