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Living Promises - Amy Lane Knowing what I know about Amy Lane books and how much they fit my tastes in book, I honestly can't say why I waited this long to read this book. I loved Jeff from the previous two Promises books and his story was everything that I wanted for his character.

Jeff tested positive for HIV after his boyfriend Kevin a marine shipped off to the Middle East. He knew that it had been Kevin, but he loved him and couldn't hate him, even when it meant leaving medical school and changing everything in his life. Not long after Kevin was killed in the line of duty and even then Jeff kept on living and trying to have a life and be strong.

That was Jeff the STRONG ONE, he was strong for EVERYONE, even for a young man he saw while waiting for his appointment at the clinic. Collin was 18 and scared of what his future held once he tested positive, soooo scared, all he wanted to do was run, but the encouragement and words from Jeff that one afternoon, kept him from doing something stupid...Five years later, Collin still remembered him with admiration and also had a BIG crush on Jeff. He was biding his time and once he had his opening Collin went after the man of his dreams.

Jeff was not easy to catch either, the man was so walled up and scared of being hurt, but Collin knew that Jeff needed someone to be strong FOR HIM, and Collin could be that man.

The love between these two guys, UGH killed me I cried for them and cried some more, I just wanted them to have a good life so badly.

Amy Lane wrote about living with HIV like like the Lady that she is with sobering respect. If anything made me trepidatious about this book was how she would handle that, I worked for years with people living with HIV and can be picky about that subject matter. I have no complains... with optimism, informed, cautious, careful, and respectful for life is how people with HIV and their families live and love, and Collin and Jeff and their families were a beautiful example.

Coming back to all the people from the Pulpit is always a joy too.

Amy Lane for me is a 100% for sure thing. Loved this book.