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Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write) - Kaje Harper This is a forever story...Two young men meet in a ship in the Pacific Ocean during WWII and 69 years later they are still each other's one and only.

Jacob and Daniel's love story felt and ageless and right. It was so well done. These two mean lived their lives together, survived so many trials, lived so many things as a couple until in their old age they got to officially become what they had been to each other for almost seven decades.

I really enjoyed this story and it certainly fits the theme of the LIAW event, but after last week's statement from President Obama it felt SO RELEVANT. How many men like Jacob and Daniel have been living their lives, loving each other and waiting to actually hear that they deserve to have the rights that most of us take for granted.

Lovely story really, I especially enjoyed the references to Stonewall and they way that Jacob and Daniel worked through the years to stay together.

Very nice.