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Second Time Lucky - Ethan Day Top three reasons why Ethan Day's Characters should rule the world:

1. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can make me laugh so hard that I fear for my life.

2. He makes it so I want to read AN ENTIRE BOOK about an airport security guard named Dana that was in the book maybe for a page and half, yet has been making me laugh for three days.

3. Who better to rule this planet than Peter Panish, highly slutty, deliciously snarky gay men who love their drink, and have SERIOUSLY bad cases of Road Rage? Ahhhh the answer is simple my friends, NO ONE!

So this is Luke's and Owen's story. Their second one actually. They first were together in college. They were in love. HARD. Like forever in love. But they drifted apart and they broke up. Fifteen years later Luke is sitting in a bar, having yet another epically horrendous birthday when Owen (still hotness personified) walks into the bar and all of a sudden Luke's luck ain't so bad anymore. They have a GREAT night together and from then on they begin to work at getting back together.

They're it for each other they KNOW THAT, but Owen is just getting out of a bad relationship and Luke's pretty to his Peter Pan, won't grow up routine (he's also the poster boy for Daddy Issues). So, it's a slow going with these two. They figure it out though...

This story is a pretty straightforward "reunion after all these years" type of story, but it was written by Ethan Day, which means it was all kinds of awesome. First of all you will almost die laughing, this is not especulation, but a fact. The sex is BEYOND hot, seriously like keep some ice handy. Owen and Luke are LOVELY and Luke's smart mouth is a thing of beauty. The secondary characters are FABULOUS...Look it's worth reading if only for Dana the airport lady and she says maybe a total of 50 words.

Ethan Day was in his sweet spot for this one, and that means whatever you think you're doing today, obviously taking the day off work to read this book is more important.