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Tattoos & Teacups - Anna  Martin 3.5 Stars

This was really sweet I must say...Dorky English Lit Professor meets younger tatted percussionist who brings him out of his shell, shows him all the ways that life can be exciting and all that. It was sexy, and it was fun...It was just short of a really great read for me, and a lot of it had to do with the fact that I felt that there were a lot of loose ends and there were some discrepancies I just couldn't give a free pass too...However if you can overlook those things give this baby a try.

Rob, the professor, is self deprecating and kind of funny and totally in love with his musician, Chris. They meet fall in love and then off they go. Hard and fast and all about each other.

Chris was a mistery to me though, so many different times I just didn't feel like I "got him. I almost felt like the author was kind of coming up with sides oh him as she went without revising how she had thought him up earlier in the story (felt like that with Rob at times too and some of the secondary characters as well)...But he was sweet on Rob, and sexy as hell and HONEST about how he felt.

The secondary characters were pretty good, the best one was the three year old Cassie, SHE ROCKED...THe others were from good to pretty good. I was kind of put off by one character that promised to be interesting and then kind of disappeared.

Anywho, pretty good...but not great. Still enjoyable and really sexy.