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After Ben - Con Riley This book literally saved my faith in M/M Romance...LIKE LITERALLY. I had given up...I was despairing wondering has this whole community turned taken turn to the "Flavor of Love" phase where there is just nothing left but...Nothing...AND THEN!!! AWESOMENESS!!

This book was...

-SMART: Written with care for the reader, no errors, no nonsense...It flowed like a novel should.
-INSIGHTFUl: What a brilliant thing, to write an M/M romance that focused on online relationships and how REAL they are for those of us who find a place of safety and friendships online...Love online.
-EMOTIONAL: This is one of the most beautifully written stories about grief I've read. So well paced. I walked with Theo from the dark tunnel where he begun to the light where he finally could breathe, and see that even if his past was taken from him, there was a future that could make his heart beat again.
-Poignant: Broached the hard topic of domestic abuse, and did in a way that allowed us to see both sides...The important ones anyways, that of the abused and that of those who were there to help them start over...The abuser never had a face or a POV, he was not important...The MOVING ON that was the point.

All in all, this is the type of story that got me HOOKED on M/M romance.

Theo lost his partner of 15 years, Ben. His Italian lover, his man. His Sun. The one that made his world revolve. It had been a year, and Theo was still struggling with the day to day. Little by little he made progress...Like talking to the hot guy at his gym or well...Talking. But still he struggled. The one place where he could let loose was in his online forum...There he was a shark...He found a kindred spirit in a newbie in the forum...Morgan. Well, Morgan and the little budding romance between two of his male interns at work those where the things that kept him going. The romance was was adorable and the sweetness made him hopeful.

Bit by bit Theo started to shine again. It was hard, there were regrets like the fact that his parents never accepted Ben and that was a hurt that he still carried. They had objected to the fact that Ben was older and Theo, never really forgave them.

But Morgan he broke that shell Theo was in, without ever meeting him, seeing him, touching him...Morgan made him feel and made him WANT IT ALL...The trick was to make Morgan come to him. Morgan had his own darkness.

This book almost frustrated me, I felt there were things that Theo should have figured out earlier that he didn't but then I figured, TABOOS are called name because they live in the dark...and Morgan secret was probably something Theo could have never considered as a possibility...The secondary characters were really well done. I would not say they were exceptionally developed, but they had a purpose.

Loved this book and can barely wait until Peter's story.