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Show and Tell - Kate McMurray This book was just a "like" for me. The past lives premise was really interesting, it reminded me of Quantum Leap which I loved growing up. But overall I felt that it should have either been twice as long as it was or half the size and a lot less complex, I just felt that as much as the book was adventurous with all the jumping around to different lives there was not enough time to get to know Malcolm and Dan who were our main guys...I shall explain.

Dan is sort of an unhappy guy, he's in school for a Phd in History, but he's not really that excited about it. He's not excited about much. He does love that show with the antique shop owner Malcolm Tell, so he goes in to the store with a music box and as soon as they both him and Malcolm see each other...BOOM! All kinds of sparkles and thunder and electric currents. They obviously have a connection, that is confirmed when they both touch the music box and Dan is taken back to a vision of a past life where he and Malcolm were also a couple (there are a few interesting twists of how these past lives works, but that would kind of spoiler)...

So they both want to figure out the connection...They discover that they might actually be a couple who are part of a Gaelic Mythology, the more they discover artefacts that prompt visions of their past lives (and the stronger their feelings become for each other) the more they are convinced that they've been lover for centuries. Of course every myth must have a foe and this time in comes in the form of a shapeshifter that wants to take Malcolm for herself. Things get COMPLICATED and we go along for the ride while these boys figure go through this crazy maze trying to stay together.

Malcolm is a charistmatic and passionate guy and once he's into Dan he's ALL IN, he wants it all and Dan is dragging his feet and seemingly in need of some anxiety prescription drugs because the dude was HIGH STRUNG and kind of whiny, which hey, the situation they were in was stressful, but still he was a bit irritating at times.

So this book definitely had some very interesting elements. I thought that all the different times/lives that we go to see were entertaining and these boys were super hot for each other. My issues were that I felt that the back and forth between the past and the present kind of didn't allow for me to get very invested in Mal and Dan , also I feel that there were a lot of tangents that made the the story drag on. I just felt that I needed MORE book, or more story, or just something a little simpler.

It is different and it certainly was entertaining. I have totally LOVED the last books I read by this author, but this one is more a solid "liked" not really a "loved".