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The Round House - Louise Erdrich This book was certainly eye opening. In 1988 Joe's mom is the victim of an attack at the Native American Reservation where they live. Joe is 13. He understands and has pride in his people's culture and history. His parents have always been a solid part of their community and he has been taught to cherish his heritage. But the attack on his mother tilts their world her sadness never goes away and that ignites a fire in Joe to know more about the injustices that happen in his world.

It's deifinitely a compelling book, very well written and very sad but also with a LOT of humor, I laughed a lot despite myself and learned a lot too...I had recently read the [b:Gives Light|15810499|Gives Light (Gives Light, #1)|Rose Christo|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344491925s/15810499.jpg|21535494] books by Rose Christo (which are also wonderful, but sadly not in the mainstream readership) so this felt really familiar.

Good good book.