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Death of a Blues Angel - Sarah Black Another story by Sarah Black that left me feeling a little more knowledgable about the things that have happened in the world and so so very impressed by the ways she can tell a story and write about falling in love.

It's 1966 and Deacon Davis a reporter at the Washington Post is sent to do a story on Rafael Hurt a white blues player from Mississippi who has come to Washington to DC with his mentors and teachers the legendary blues men Jimmy Watkins, Blind Pete and Blue Otis...Deke is doubtful that this white boy can play as they say, but when he sees Rafe playing in the club and looking like an angel, he falls in love right then and there...Then things get complicated, because Leona Washington, Blind Pete's nurse turns up dead and all the Blues Angels are suspects.

It is a troubled time in the United States hate and intolerance arr like poison in the water. Rafe is a man caught in a complicated world, a white man from the Deep South that has a soul enriched by the black men and women he grew up around. He feels responsible for the hateful things that they endure and the pressure, it's daunting. Rafe is a wild thing and he wants to do what is right and he wants to hole up in a room with Deke and make love until the world just stops taking them in different directions and drowning them with all that hate.

Things are complicated all around Deke and Rafe and obligations and honor and family all get in the way, but they push through.

A very enriching reading experience and I loved the way that Sarah told the tale not just of Rafe and Deke, but of the Blues and of the war zone that was the Deep South back then.

Absolutely recommend it.