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Physical Therapy - Z.A. Maxfield Why hadn't I read this book? Uhhh I think because I hated Jordie after reading the first St. Nacho's book like a trillion books ago. This was nice, sweet and a perfect gateway book to full on being an M/M Stone Cold Crackhead...Cute and just slightly irritating.
American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics - Dan Savage I love listening to Dan Savage and have been a faithful listener to the podcast for years...I love the man's rants, and fervently agree with his view on pretty much EVERYTHING from family, to politics, to sex to...YEP EVERYTHING! Love his rants like nothing else.

This was Dan Savage at his ranty best, letting us all know how it is exactly that we should be living :) World according to Dan Savage would me my kind of place.

Berserker and Monk getting it on? Ummm YES PLEASE!

Brothers of the Wild North Sea - Harper Fox

This book is a historical romance set in the 7th Century in what is now Scotland. First off I have to say that like with all her books Harper Fox set this story perfectly. The imagery was engrossing, I was swept away. I was there looking over those cliffs, and seeing those monstrous vikingr ships charging the nothern shores.


Our eyes for this story are those Brother Caius who is a monk in the Fara Monastery. Caius is a highlander, the heir of a cheiftan who was walked away from the barbaric ways of his clan to live a more peaceful life of learning amongst his Christian bretheren. Caius has a lover, Leof, another monk, he is the monastery’s physician and although sometimes he is unsure what exactly is his purpose, he is happy there, until the night that their monastery is raided by the vikingr and his lover and the monastery’s beloved abbot are killed. The raiders seemed like they were searching for something valueable, and in their haste they just ran through whoever was in their way.


Caius is disraught and angry over what has happened. He comes up with a plan though. He goes back to his clan and asks his father for weapons, so that he and his bretheren can defend themselves from future raids…So in the shadow on their peaceful haven he trains his brothers to fight against any invaders. Things are challenging for Caius, he is missing his lover, his fallen brothers, and to make matters worse the new abbot sent from Cantenbury is a hateful man who is poisoning everyone by preachin hellfire and brimstone. Still Caius tries to get everyone ready to fight off any future attacks. The monks get to try out their new fighting skills soon when another viking raid comes upon them, but this time they are prepared and they attack. One of the vikings that Caius wounds is left behind by his comrades and being the healer he is he can do nothing else than take the man in and nurse him back to health, even is he is the enemy, and what a beautifully dangerous enemy it is, the viking’s name is Fenritsulf….The wolf.


Caius cares for Fen, he brings him back to health and in that time they get to know each other and a very strong connection is forged betweent the two men. Fen is fierce and wild, but also kind and humorous, so strong like he can protect Caius from anything. He is willing to do his part working alongside the monks helping to rebuild even is he was part of the reason for the devastation. The love story between Caius and Fen was absolutely fantastic. Fen to me stole the show, what a vibrant character, everything about him was strong and bright, it was like his presence on the page lit it up.


RADIANT…That’s the word that comes to mind for me when I think of this book, every character had a strong and clear presence, and the way that the author mixed in a little bit of magic was perfect. There are some very difficult things in this story, the poison Christianity could become to people to places, how good men and women driven by misguided religiosity could turn into mindless murderous mobs, how ignorance can blind people…How greed and lust for power can make men lose their honor and loyalties. But there were also such beautiful moments of love and unexpected kindness…Of how people as best they could and in the only way they knew how could show love, respect and lend a hand. How a community can band together to rescue each other and what they hold dear. So many good things.


I fell in love with this book, not just because it was a romance for the ages Cai and Fen had, but because it was such a hefty and satisfying story. The history, the lore, the characters, the settings, the lessons, all of it was absolutely perfect. I can’t even say that I was left wanting more. I wasn’t, this book was perfect even to the last word. When it ended all I could do was sigh, and go pour msyelf another glass of wine to bask on the great story I had just read.


I absolutely recommend this book!

The Return - Brad Boney I had to add this book to GR to add it to my to-read shelf...Eeeehhh I'm excited for this one!!!
Reach for the Moon (Alejo and Bobby, #2) - Val Kovalin This is a pretty intense story. To start with (and the author disclaims this in the beginning of the book) Bobby and Alejo are a different set of 18 year olds than the ones that we know broke up and drifted apart in [b:Fall Into the Sun|12143881|Fall Into the Sun (Alejo and Bobby, #1)|Val Kovalin|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1314719918s/12143881.jpg|17114269] at age 18, only to reconnect in their middle age, the two boys in Reach for the Moon are ready to fight for their future, as hard and scary at it seems, specially when faced with many, many obstacles.

So many deterrents, so many people that show them too many ugly sides to this life that they want together, so many people that might turn their backs on them if they step out into the light as a couple, as lovers. They want to stay strong, they want to keep it together...Bobby and Alejo are so certain that what they have (even if they are young and still scared) is good, and real, and FOREVER.

So it is Christmas of 1984 and Bobby and Alejo are about to go on a trip to Socorro, New Mexico to help Alejo's aunt figure out where her son Martin has gone. Martin is gay and he's just taken off, no one knows where he is. It's been months now, and no word. His aunt Isobel is worried sick and fears that Martin's sudden departure has something to do with her husband and his stern macho views. Martin's dad is the Sheriff of Socorro and not too keen on having a joto for a son...So Alejo and Bobby with the blessing of Alejo's parents go on a road trip together. They are excited at being able to spend time together before their last semester in high school begins. They are excited to be able to be themselves, just the two of them, even for a little bit. This might be a time to talk about their futures, Boby thinks. Bobby whose only family is the one brother who isn't a criminal and Alejo. Alejo who is his EVERYTHING. He loves Alejo so much, he'd do anything for him, change the world for him. ANYTHING.

Alejo loves Bobby too, so much, he wants to talk about the future. But he's scared, because he does have family that he loves to loose, he cares about his church, and he cares about being scorned by his peers. He's so torn, so fearful, and even though nothing is stronger in him than what he feels for Bobby, taking that step of saying "I will be with Bobby" also means giving up on things that he might have liked to have, like children or taking over his family's business...Such tough things to grapple with at age 18, and they struggle as young men would in their cirscumstances. They are boys who make impulsive decisions, who let lust take over their better judgement, who just want to fit in, who lose their temper...They are boys. But they are also veterans of being in love, of understanding to their core what is to have found that person, THE ONE PERSON, that belongs to you and whom you belong to.

The trip to Socorro involves a lot of revelations to Bobby and Alejo, about themselves, about how they are weak, how they are strong, and how to move on from all the trouble and ugliness can be thrown at them by people they put their trust times, many times unwarranted and most times undeserved.

I could ramble for hours here, because this is a BOOK. This is a coming of age story, a poignant look at not just the Latino culture but at the Southwest and life in the desert. The mistery itself turns out to be a very dark part of the story. Bobby and Alejo immerse themselves in this mission and they run into a lot of trouble.

A lot of things happen to Bobby and Alejo. Many of them were hard to read, I was so angry for them, so frustrated AT THEM, so scared that they might not be able to get through the messes they got themselves into, but I appreciated the rawness of it.

The honesty in Bobby and Alejo's insecurities, the strength that they had facing the world together. Even if they were of unsure of each other, they faced any adversity as ONE. Always together, always in love, always THEM. With these two boys we get all the expressions of love, selfless love, angry love, romantic love, protective love, erotic sensual love...They are so young, but they know how to be a unit. They know that what they have is a once in a lifetime thing...They can't give each other up. They won't.

The secondary characters are fantastic, Val Kovalin does an amazing job of bluntly revealing the Latin culture for what it is. So many stupid prejudices and mysognistic attitudes. A machista culture that allows men to never have to grow up, because their role is just to be there in force, not to nurture, not to be faithful, not to support...Just to UPHOLD...Protect...Protect what? it makes one wonder if they never pay attention to the people in their lives...But she also let's us see strong love, the kind of love that makes a brother look past his own prejudices so that he can keep being the brother he should be...

The portrayal of gay men in this story was very raw and almost frightening. 1984 was a troubled time for gay men in the United States, the height of the AIDS epidemic which had taken people who were already forced to live in the shadows from being outcasts to being pariahs, there had to be anger and defiance and HATRED in any man that chose to live out of the closet, it came at a very high cost. Too high sometimes. Some of the men in this book were bitter, and lost and brokem, some didn't know how to see what Bobby and Alejo had other than with anger and not a little bit of bitterness.

Im gonna wrap it up here...Bobby and Alejo...A love story for the ages, what more can I say? Val Kovalin wrote their story beautifully, sensibly, with great care...She writes like life. With humor, joy, hurt and hope. All the things that make people PEOPLE...I love her style and I love these boys. I wonder if we will get another look at the Bobby and Alejo of today?...They are still going strong, I am sure of that, hopefully we'll get to see the Bobby and Alejo of 2013 soon.

Prize Package - Kyle Adams Triple SSS...Short, sweet and Sexay!!!

Smexy, cute, funny and soooo sooooo easy to read. That's pretty much how I would sum up every Kyle Adams story I've read, and this one his first one written for a publisher he totally DELIVERED.

So damn adorable and he always manages to tap into these niches with themes that we all know and have a bit of nostalgia for but not many have written about...This time it's wrestling, who hasn't watched some Saturday morning wrestling madness and watched those meatheads in awe and slight arousal?!?!...Kyle tapped into this little world and wrote up the most adorable story. Who doesn't love a guy with the stage name Meatgrinder or a guy with a turtle shell backpack?!

Completely enjoyed myself. Cute, funny, sexy bite of goodness.

Kyle is the short and sweet KING!
Heart of the Race - Mary Calmes 3.5 Stars

More of the same delicious Mary Calmes brand of readable crack...Don't even need to tell you the plot because you already know it! One guy is a motorcross racer and the other one is the one everyone likes and wants to get with...One is straight and big and delicious the other one is gay and super awesome and everyone likes him, because he's AMAZIN'...They need each other, but the straight one can't possibly be in love with the gay one (even though they are best friends and SOUL MATES, yeah that's right SOUL MATES!!) because he's a womanizer and not into dudes and then BOOM!!!!...You know the rest!

It was a little shorter than why I would prefer, but other than that it was the good old Mary Calmes Crack Cocaine we know and love...Tasty to the last drop!

Can't wait for more!
What It is Like to Go to War - Karl Marlantes This book gave me an entirely different perspective about war and what the men and women who fight them really experience.

I have deep respect and empathy for the young men and women from all over the world who make incredible sacrifices sometimes sacrificing their own lives to fight wars, our wars.

Karl Marlantes a Vietam War veteran, a Marine very eloquently and with amazing depth explores just how little preparation young warriors receive in terms of how their minds and their spirits will heal from the things that they do and see while at war.

He explores emotional toll that it takes on all the men and women who go to war and tries to figure how things can be done different to that veteran don't come home with broken spirits.

Very very interesting book. I really enjoyed it.
Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding - Marie Sexton Out of all the books I've read since I discovered M/M Romance Cole is for sure one of the most memorable characters...He has that perfect combination of humor, mistery, fragility and resilience that just makes a character stick with you. I wanted Cole get a PERFECT happy ending more than I can say...This was a pretty damn close perfect way to say goodbye (I hope for NOW!!) to Cole and Jonathan.

Cole wanted a baby from when we said goodbye to them in Strawberries for Dessert. It is a rough going for them to find a baby to make their family complete, and Cole is so sad and so scared he won't get that little baby he wants with all his heart, and Jonathan he just wants to see Cole happy.

They broke my heart. Cole BROKE MY HEART. It was a very nice done follow up story, I really couldn't have asked for more.

I cried a bit, and I laughed out loud, remembering exactly what it was about Cole that I loved so much in the others stories...And in the end I finished the book with a smile.

Can't ask for much more than that from a sequel.

Very nice. Very nice.
In His Secret Life - Mel Bossa 5 +++++++++ Stars

Three things:
1. I LOVED this book. Completely. It’s NOT erotica, it’s not a romance, but it’s an amazing love story.
2. If you are someone that wants a warm and fuzzy romance with a little bit of drama, a little bit of cheesy and to feel ensconced in a warm blanket of butterfly kisses while you read…This is not the right book for you.
3. If you have an issue with infidelity…One of the MC’s is married to a woman and has two kids for some time during the book Also might be a bad choice in reading.

I loved Mel Bossa’s book Split. It thought it was a beautiful story, with grit and that painted a romance that was touched by real life…With the messiness of life, this is book is in the same vein but even more raw.

I like her style and I LOVE the stuff that she mixes into her stories, I loved this book. It’s one of those books that really distinguishes itself from the volumes of books that come out in this genre every year, this book is for sure in my list of remarkable books of 2013.

Allan Waterhouse and Davinder Lamontagne…The house of water and the mountain. Even their names came together like poetry. You see…It was complicated between Davinder and Allan. Clearly they were meant for each other, from the instant they meet it’s clear. They were like minded, they had a passion for philosophy, reading, and thinking about society and it’s flawa, how awful consumerism had become…It was like they had found the other half of themselves that they didn’t even know that they had been missing. It wasn’t all sweet and schmoopiness either, it was powerful though, they couldn’t stay away. But it was complicated because Davinder had a wife and two young sons, and Allan’s sister was engaged to Davinder’s younger brother…Things couldn’t work. Davinder had obligations, Allan would probably detonate a bomb in the middle of her sister’s new family if he pursued anything with Davinder…They did anyways though. They couldn’t help it. They lied. They hid. They fought. They felt guilty. They took breaks. They ran back to each other. Davinder and Allan LOVED each other. More than they loved almost any other person in their lives…Except Davinder couldn’t ruin his kids, and Allan had to think about his sister and his niece, who would suffer from all of this…Someone had to be brave enough to end things and walk away, before the whole family was destroyed.

This book is HARD, it’s a bruiser. It hurt to see those two men, struggle. Struggle so bad by being together, then by being apart. To see what it cost them and those they loved. These men were flawed, selfish and even callous, but that love. THAT LOVE. The voice of the book is Allan and we fall in love with Davinder with him, we despair with him, we hurt with him and ultimately we arrive at happiness with him… He NEVER stops loving Davinder, oh he’s bitter, and he’s sad, and he becomes jaded and desolate, but the love, it never stops. Never again could there be anyone that could replace that man in his heart.

Allan and Danvinder’s love story. It isn’t pretty. It was hard fought and it cost them both dearly. They had to lose it all, to gain each other, they had to pay their penance, earn forgiveness from those they hurt, and finally, FINALLY when they had gotten to a place where life was finally able to grant them a second chance…THEY TOOK IT. It’s rare that a book affects me so much that I cry writing my review. I know I must be barely coherent writing this one.

Loved it, loved it…and that ending. DAYUM…A fine fine story.
Still - Mary Calmes Still is another one of those Mary Calmes where you start reading knowing EXACTLY what you're going to get, how the characters will be and how the story will develop from beginning to end, and despite the fact that it's all sometimes a little bit TOO familiar, it's also like the best Mac and Chesse with a side of SUPER SLUTTY Apple Pie...To quote the lovelyNikyta Mary Calmes' books are like comfort food.

Like I've said before, sometimes I am a bit put off by just how similar Mary's characters and story arcs are, but some of her stories just REALLY REALLY WORK for me though, this one was another one of those stories that I'll probably re-read a dozen times...Easy, romantic, funny, and SO SEXY...

Sivan and Walter have been married for 17 years, they've raised two children (from Walter's first marriage), and now in their middle age Sivan feels like what was between him and Walter has faded. He wants a divorce and Walter in his usual stoic way, accepts.

The problem is, that OBVIOUSLY Sivan and Walter are far from DONE with each other, but Sivan is TIRED of feeling like he is not needed or to being in second place to Walter's career, the kids now gone it's like he's alone in that house. So, he moves out and they start the divorce proceedings, but their lives are so woven together that they keep running into each other, as the months pass Sivan notices changes in Walter, he is outwardly possesive of Sivan, showing him how he misses him, it's like that spark that captured Sivan from that first time they made love 17 years ago is back, and maybe, just maybe they can recapture that passion and love they had for each other....But Sivan is STUBBORN and only perseverance and a lot of DEMONSTRATIONS of love from Walter will make him see that they are STILL who they used to be.

What more can I say? I LIKED IT! I REALLY DID. Easy read, like apple pie.

Mary Calmes can fail with me at times, but when she hits the spot. SHE HITS THE SPOT.

The Brothers Grime: Jack - Z.A. Maxfield This book was a real change of pace from the usual ZAM book, it had a very sedate morose tone and (at least to me) a very very strong noirish feel, in the beginning, but what made me love this story was how it developed, as the characters began to change, the tone of the book changed too. This book is not one to be rushed, I took my time with it, and I feel that it made a difference in appreciating the story. I really was comfortable where I went with Jack and Ryan...This story really got to me, but it wasn't a punch in the face, it built, it wasn't all at once, the perfect way to describe what reading this was for me is by quoting Jack himself...I'm coming after you. I just go...Slow"

So Jack Masterson is an ex-firefighter who after suffering a crippling injury on the job has opened a company with his cousins cleaning up crime scenes...One day he gets a call from one of his best friends (and very in the closet sometimes lover) Detective Dave Huntley. Dave calls to let him know that Nick Halloran, Jack's first love, the boy who Jack had a relationship with (albeit in secret) for all his high school years, his first lover, his first everything...The boy who hurt him in the most terrible way, the man whose betrayal made Jack unable to open his heart to anyone. That man, had shot himself in the head, and Jack decided that closure finally would come by cleaning up Nick's final mess.

Jack knows he shouldn't, nothing can come of this but reopening old poorly healed wounds, but he can't walk away, especially once he meets Ryan Halloran. Nick's cousin who had been giving the man a place to stay, the family reselmblance is striking and Jack just cannot stay away. So Jack cleans up the place where Nick took his life with Ryan and in the process he gets to know him. He starts seeing beyond the family remsemblance and realizes that the similar face is where the likenesses end...Ryan is a proud gay man, a good man, that has had to walk away from anyone who cannot accept him for WHO he is...Family included. Ryan represents something that Jack has never even contemplated before...Living in the light...Being with someone that won't hide from the world who he loves. No secrets, no shadows, no shame...Ryan brings a new dawn to Jack's life. He is scared of shedding all the darkness that has sorrounded his life since Nick's betrayal and later since his injury, he's been dark and he is so afraid of shedding the ways he's protected his heart...But when he gets a glimpse of what being in the sun of Ryan joy of life, the laughter, the lightness in making love with someone that will take him to dinner and kiss him and hold his hand...He wants that. HE CRAVES IT. He wants better days.

It took me some time to figure out what ZAM was trying to say in this story, but I think I got it. From the dedication I knew that this book would have a cathartic nature to it, and it did, it was bleak and dark at the start, but there was a fortitude to it that held, and once I reached then end of the story there was brightness all around. I could see Jack awakening to love, letting the light that Ryan's presence brought to his life, the delight in sex that was delicious and just a bit dirty...I enjoyed Jack and Ryan together, what they brought out in each other and how they took what flourished between them as an opportunity to move on.

This to me is one of ZAM's better stories, it was very centered on Jack and the mood and tone in the story evolved in perfect harmony to his own changes. We began in the dark, and left him smiling in the sunshine. It was well paced, nothing superflous, solid secondary characters who added to the story, but mostly I just loved Jack. I loved what he found out about himself by letting Ryan in.

Like I said, this book is not one to rush through, ZAM takes us on a hard journey of shedding past pain, of finally giving up on hurts that can never be fixed, and moving on ugly scars and all, but with the will to take a chance again, even if we've been brought down low before on similar paths.

Jack was ready to walk on, and Ryan said he'd come too.


Hope to see more from the Grime Brothers soon.
Finding Shelter - M.J. O'Shea 2.75 Stars

I think this book should have been a novella...While it was cute, it just went waaaayyyyy too long. The story just ran out of steam.

This is a GFY story where Logan, who is Mason's (from book #2), meets and falls in love with Justin, a guy who has come into town seeking refuge from his abusive father. Logan is straight has has recently broken up with his girlfriend and has come to Rock Bay to get over the breakup. They both really like each other, and since they are working together at the same coffee shop they are able to build a friendship, eventually they become roommates and they get even closer...The sexual tension continues, until finally they get it together and start a relationship. Logan even though he's been straight until that point takes things in stride and Justin who is kind of nervous guy because of all the abuse he has suffered still goes with it...This story should have worked better for me, but something just didn't click for me. the obstacles to them being together were overkill in a way, I just felt like things would have gone better if it would have been a shorter story.

I love MJ's shorts and definitely think young love is her sweet spot, however this book just didn't seemed flushed out. I liked the characters and thought they were real cute together, but I just couldn't really sink into the story. I think there just wasn't enough there to fill a book.

Yeah...I don't know what else to say other than it was better than the second book, but didn't live up to the first story which I really really liked.
Leaving Home - T.A. Chase DNF at 31%

I wish I would have had me some of the Kool Aid other people that read this book had before starting, because I literally could barely get through the 30% of the book I did read.

T.A. Chase's writing is just not what it used to be, her characters are stiff and shallow, I'm not even sure where she was going with the story line. I just did not like the writing. It's upsetting because I really really love her stories, they usually grab me from the beginning, sure they are sappy and kind of predictable, but still with characters that usually get to me and make me want to stay...Not so much with this story. I just couldn't...Still I will try to read Yancey and Juan's book since I've been waiting for it for THREE FRIGGIN' YEARS!!

*sighs* I absolutely love this series, and have been anxiously waiting for this book and Home Sweet Home....I'm disappointed.
Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane I’m just going to let Pablo Neruda get me going here and sum up Sonny and Ace and what they had…“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

That was Sonny and Ace this thing, this love that almost could not be explained, just WAS. Sonny Daye showed up in the group of new recruits that Staff Sargeant Ace Atchison was to get broken in…He looked desperate and he looked almost feral…”I’ll do anything” he told Ace. ANYTHING…From that moment, right then, in that first minute they were bound together irrevocably.

Sonny was barely 18 years old and looked fragile. Ace not much older at 21, saw Sonny and he knew he was his to protect. Two years in Iraq passed and Ace looked after Sonny. Made sure he was ok, that he ate and kept him as much as we could safe from harm. Sonny was quiet and looked like he spooked easy, and Ace wasn’t sure if the things he wanted to give to Sonny and get in return, were even possible, but he still kept him safe and close, he made plans for a future that included Sonny’s dreams of owning a garage and racing stock cars, because somehow, some way the moment he set eyes on Sonny, making Sonny’s dreams come true became Ace’s purpose.

So after two years in Iraq some VERY VERY tough moments…Ace made it back to San Diego and got their garage started. A place to fix up cars and little cottage right next door where they could live…Sonny arrived a month later and they started their life. As friends, business partners. But there was something there, Ace could sense it, and even though Sonny’s silence was hard to read, Ace just loved him. Loved him and worked by his side to build the life they both wanted.

Sonny had secrets, it was easy to see. There were things he kept quiet, a past that probably had things too hard to remember let alone say out loud. Ace had his own horrors and heartaches…But they had this thing between them this need to belong to each other, and once they took that step and became THEM…It was raw and a little scary, and yeah even a little bloody. So they built on this real fragile foundation and had to get past some scary shit that never really went away, but they loved. Like they knew how…Sonny feral and possessive and needy…So needy to be owned, to be certain that Ace would never give him up, never let him go. Ace like a knight, like a force…He LOVED Sonny and he WOULD make the life they deserved. HE WOULD MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Amy Lane is like MY LADY…Any person that’s ever read one of my reviews for her books knows that this lady HAS GOT MY NUMBER…I love her writing and this book is some of her best WRITING…Not just the story, but the WORDS…There were parts of this book that were like love songs, like a poem like an ode to loving…How love can make you do dark deeds and how it can change your heart…How despair can make you hollow and how it can give you strength unimaginable, resilience that defies reason…How justice is a murky thing sometimes…This story started with intensity and it's stayed at that pace all the way through. It is a hell of a story.

Yep, this book was pretty much amazing. It was tough. So many ugly truths out in this world. So many good people being destroyed, so many bad things being done…Even by good people at times. But there’s love too. Clumsy love, heroic love, possessive love, live and die to see you happy love, loyal love, graceful love. LOVE. That’s what it was all about with Sonny and Ace the love they found with each other, it saved them. Made them, and they wouldn’t give it up for anything.

There’s not much more to say without giving away the story…All I CAN say is that this one MUST be read.


Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3) - K.A. Mitchell 3.5 Stars

First things first. The erotica a.k.a SMUT in this book is Grade A Top Shelf Blow Your Mind Triple Knicker Change Needed HOT AS HELL MELT YO' DAMN FACE OFF good...Like "DAMN let me go take a shower, because this shit just made me SWEAT"...That's how hot it was. So, if you like K.A. because she can bring the smut like no other, stop reading my ramblings right now and go TREAT YO' SELF!

Second...I actually really loved Gavin and Jamie. I think in this book K.A. gave up on trying to conjure some sort of complex subplot (which she usually kind of fudges), and just gave us dudes fucking their way to falling in love, and threw in some cameos with the guys that we've gotten to know so far and totally love (Loved the Eli and Quinn moments!!!). I for one think that was a smart move.

So, Jamie we met briefly in [b:Bad Boyfriend|12359552|Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2)|K.A. Mitchell|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327947965s/12359552.jpg|17339510] as Quinn's ex-Marine friend. So he's one of those rescue diver guys, one night he gets a call for someone who had jumped off the Key Bridge, turns out the guys he fishes out of the water is Gavin Montgomery the gay son of one of the richest men in the East Coast. Since Jamie heroically rescued Gavin, Montgomery senior throws a little party to say thank you...Jamie and Gavin do a little interactin' and WHAM! Sexual tension is all over the place...Of course what happens next is a lot of F-U-C-K-I-N-G...LOTS of it.

Jamie is 40 years old and is kind of scarred because of a lover he lost while in the Marines...Gavin is 33 and has been doing the "vapid trust fund baby" thing for so long he doesn't even know why people would ever take him seriously...He just kind of goes with the flow, has some fun, fucks around, takes a time out of that to do some actually very nice things for people who need it...But most of the time he's kind of just there.

So these two boys start sleeping together, and little by little they start FEEEELING some FEELS...Once things evolve with Jamie things change a bit with Gavin, but he's still unsure exactly how things will play out, even after Jamie makes it clear that he is serious, and he gets all emotionally constipated, then his jackass friend has some boneheaded idea that includes taking out a boat like 10 seconds after he comes out of a FUCKING COMA!!! and well...*sighs* just *sighs*

I'd tell you more, but that is actually where the fucking book ENDED!!!

*sighs* K.A. has issues with tying up the endings, and this one was a DOOZY. Big old WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK? It's OVER? Like IT ENDED? WHAT THE FUCK????? Kind of ending...Not BAD mind you, just not complete.

So there it is, great erotica, guys that were likeable, visits from all the Baltimore guys we know and love, and indications that there is more to come...Pretty good for me all in all...But the ending was kind of

Totally Recommend for K.A. fans.